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LICOSTAR toko online Kami memberikan pelayanan yg terbaik kepada pelanggan. Kami menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan seperti alat mengukur ketinggian,Model beda ttp fungsinya sama spt: Float Level,Cable Float Level,Rotary Paddle Level Switch,Ultrasonic Level Transmitter,Level Radar,Produk terbaru kami:Bak Fiber Penampung Air,Bak Fiber Pesanan Kusus.dll.

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Product Description : This hardness tester is designed for testing metallic materials, the hardness of which ranges from very low to very high values. Hardness testing can be performed directly on-site and in any position. Typical applications are large, heavy workpieces which could only be transported to a hardness testing machine in a laboratory with great difficulty. It is especially suitable for applications in which standard indentation hardness testing is either not feasible or not economical. This hardness tester comprises an indicating device and an impact device. It is based on the rebound hardness testing method according to Leeb. It is for testing the hardness of all material surfaces over a large range of hardness quickly and independently. Functional use : This hardness tester is for testing the hardness of all material surfaces over a large range of hardness quickly and independently. It is main application is as below: 1. Die cavity of molds 2. Bearings and other parts 3. Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment 4. Heavy work piece 5. The installed machinery and permanently assembled parts 6. Testing surface of a small hollow space 7. Material identification in the warehouse of metallic materials 8. Rapid testing in large range and multi-measuring areas for large-scale work piece Measure range:(170-960)HLD Precise:1HLD Interface:USB1.1 Druation:About 200 hours Net:0.1Kg Weight:5.0Kg Colors:Blue Size:148H×33W×28T mm Working Conditions Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃; Storage temperature:-30℃~+60℃; Relative humidity: ≤90%; The surrounding environment should avoid of vibration, strong magnetic field,corrosive medium and heavy dust. Informasi Pemesanan Silahkan hubungi Kami. CONTACT / INVITE OTOMATIS BAGI PENGGUNA SMARTPHONE Hp. 08211.091.2056, / SMS WA. 08176711770 / BBM : 58342924 / LINE : @LICOSTAR / email : Terimakasih Telah Mengunjungi Website Kami
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